No matter, how fast the technology is adapting and Internet is taking over traditional mediums of communication, telephones are still the preferred choice of many. With a wide range of voice over the Internet options available, technical guidance as to which phone system will work the best for you is the key. Our professionals at Augmented Networks will help you analyze your needs and formulate solutions to meet them in the most efficient and reasonable way possible.


Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony, is a method for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet. It allows an access to a dynamic range of communicating options designed to boost productivity, such as routing voice mail messages to office phones, mobile phones, and emails. At Augmented Networks, we can help you explore a plethora of VoIP system installation and maintenance services you need.


When it comes to maintaining the traditional functionality of phone networks along with utilizing the technologically advanced IP networks for voice and sound, IP PBX systems are the right choice to invest in. These dedicated phone lines do not require any need to sign up, thereby saving costs.


A hybrid IP PBX system is a powerful communication tool that is designed by merging the PBX functionality and reliability of IP technology. We specialize is designing a proven hybrid system for your business that ensures a robust and hassle-free communication solution.

Why Invest In Modern Voice Systems?

  • They provide more usage options at a lower cost.
  • They offer more functionality than traditional telephone systems.
  • They have capability to deal with surges in calls and active users.
  • They keep your team always connected and easily accessible.

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