Is your network causing lagging behind or causing performance issues? Do you need to get your network upgraded? If yes, Augmented Networks Inc. is here for you. Upgrading all your IT infrastructure for better performance is a good choice but the idea of replacing everything is quite daunting.

We are a full-service networking company offering an array of IT infrastructure refresh services that are designed to replace and upgrade certain parts of your set-up. We specialize at:

  • Installation Of New Racks And Cabinets
  • Commissioning Of New Network Devices
  • Installing Routers And Switches
  • Installation Of Network Cabling
  • Patching And Cutover Support
  • Site Survey And Audits

Our experts conduct a full assessment of your network and infrastructure and give you the details on your IT system performance. Not only this, we offer solutions to refresh your servers and hardware for your entire data centre.

Our Difference

We have extensive experience in upgrading enterprise networks, and have a track record of being ahead of schedule and on-budget. We develop a project schedule that is focused on your needs. Our team:

  • Ensures you acquire and deploy stable assets
  • Ensures continuous asset availability
  • Avoid the costs of IT network downtime
  • Increase network productivity
  • Ensures voice, email and unified messaging
  • Gets a robust and fail-proof IT network

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