Telecom – In Building DAS

Augmented Network’s in-building wireless expertise provides solutions to service provisioning of Cellular/PCS/LTE and wireless local area networks (WLAN’s) inside buildings, shopping malls, stadiums etc.

DAS ( In-Build Services )

  • Designing (IB Wave)
  • Installation of Equipment
  • Indoor Antennas
  • RRU
  • Splitters
  • Multiplexers
  • Rectifiers
  • Integration
  • Commissioning, Testing

Telecom – RF installation

At Augmented Networks, our professional telecommunications technicians work both in-house and on-site to deliver superior installation and maintenance for cellular sites supported by quality and coordinated service.

We provide our customers with comprehensive planning and seamless coordination for all aspects of resourceful site construction and civil works including:

  • Cell Site Installation
  • Installation and Commissioning of
  • Node B
  • Installation and Commissioning Of
  • Microwave
  • Integration and Testing
  • Civil Work
  • Site Survey

Network Quality Drive Testing

Our team of drive testers constantly benchmark and thoroughly tests all Canada-wide telco networks. Tests include: network benchmarking, Single Site Verification (SSV), cluster test, walk test and VoLTE performance testing.

Site Auditing

Periodically, a full site review is conducted to ensure such things as: equipment operational status and health, Safety Code 6 compliance, and maintenance. We also conduct SXU and MXU fiber audits.

Interference Testing

A common problem for any service provider, we test for wave interference at both the site level and throughout the network.